Nicol Caramel

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Why choose Nicol Caramel

  • To be at ease, beautiful and elegant in your new shape: in your spare time, at work, or for a special occasion
  • We have extensive experience; both in store and online we can advise you on the best clothes and fabrics
  • Essential design makes our clothes suitable for all occasions: and an accessory or a pair of shoes make them perfect in every situation
  • Our prices are accessible
  • Our clothes are perfect both during and after pregnancy (don’t give them away after the birth of your baby: you can use them again, if necessary with little tweaks that we will provide for free)



When is the right time to buy NICOL CARAMEL clothes?

Sooner than you might think. Don’t wait before coming to our store: the one thing our clothes won’t do is to make you look “more pregnant”. On the contrary, with Nicol Caramel you will feel immediately at ease: you will find a wide selection and it will be up to you to decide how much to show your pregnancy.



Nicol Caramel after pregnancy

Women often buy larger size regular clothes to wear during and after pregnancy, without considering premaman options. We invite you to do exactly the opposite. If maternity clothes are well shaped and made with quality fabrics, they will be perfect both during your pregnancy and when you get your shape back. Your body does not change size: it grows in certain areas that we know how to make more beautiful.


Fit and fabrics remain unchanged. Our clothes have a long life; if you need a small alteration, we can do it at any time (you can return to our shop whenever you like).


Nicol Caramel è Made in Italy e rispetta standard molto rigorosi: vestibilità , elasticità e qualità dei tessuti.  Per saperne di più >

Perché scegliere
Nicol Caramel

• perché ti vestiamo per il tempo libero, per l'ufficio, per un'occasione speciale

• perché abbiamo grande esperienza

• perché i nostri capi sono versatili e i nostri prezzi accessibili

Perché scegliere Nicol Caramel? >

Quando acquistare
un capo premaman?

Prima di quando pensi. Non aspettare a venire da noi: i nostri abiti non ti faranno sembrare "più incinta".

Al contrario, da noi troverai tante proposte e starà a te decidere quanto svelare della tua maternità.

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I capi Nicol Caramel
dopo la gravidanza

Spesso si acquistano abiti "normali", magari di un'altra taglia, da indossare durante e dopo la gravidanza.

E si snobbano i capi premaman.

Ti invitiamo a fare il contrario

Perché? >